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Originally Posted by ibanezsr View Post
I have no problem with what KD did. Cant look at it from a fan perspective have to look at it from a business perspective. He was obviously the difference in GS winning this yr compared to last yr. KD has been in the league for a decade and assured himself some hardware. If I had a chance to play on the best team in history, have a chance to be the difference maker on said team, chance to win finals MVP which, in return, will make him more money in the long run, all while moving from crappy OKC to California i am doing it in a heartbeat. He made the right call and benefits from it now. This is not the 80's anymore. Free agency and super teams are where this league is at now. If you don't jump on that train than you will end up like Barkley.

Its like liking an up and coming band that used to only play at small venues and then they make it big and play at huge arenas. You may not like the band as much but they did the right thing and sold out. Make the money make some money!
No, Durant has to look at it from a legacy perspective... How did he win the title? Did he win it as the top option on a really strong okc team that he was drafted by? Or did he win it joining a historic 73 win team that would likely win with or without Durant? He went option B, and it will be talked about forever. I don't believe he was the difference either... Last year Draymond thugged out and got suspended, and curry was gimpy... I think they would have won with Melo in durants spot.
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