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Originally Posted by ibanezsr View Post
Why would he bring up 2006 to Paul Pierce? Pierce said Horry was lucky and would only have 5 rings if Jordan didn't retire. That's when Horry told Pierce that he was lucky that he got his one ring and brought up Ginobili.

This is from an article on it and it quotes the conversation.

Horry: “Let me just say this: You got yours because, if Manu Ginobili would have did the things he was supposed to do, I would have had like 10 championships.”

Yes, that’s another completely unprompted swipe at a Spurs legend from Horry. Ginobili drew the assignment of guarding Kobe Bryant (another former Horry teammate) in 2008, when Bryant went off on the Spurs and led the Los Angeles Lakers to a 4-1 Western Conference finals victory before they lost to Pierce’s Boston Celtics.

Robert Horry called out Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili for no reason on ESPN | For The Win
So let me get this straight. Ginobili, typically a 6th man for the Spurs, drew the assignment of guarding Kobe Bryant - a starter for the Lakers - while Bruce Bowen, the Spurs best defender and person normally assigned to guard Kobe was still on the roster in 2008?!? That makes no sense. So Horry, in deference to Ginobili, infers that if Manu had done what he was supposed to do (i.e. stay healthy) we (the Spurs) would've beat the Lakers because Manu would've been able to hold Kobe.

Simply not buying that argument.
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