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It must be an extremely tiny and new vintner because it hardly registers on the internet. Pop is only a part owner in the enterprise but my guess is that if Pop invested, he must like the product and that's saying something. It's not available in my area.
I'm a red wine drinker myself but particular to certain grapes and vintages. USA west coast wines tend to be blends of various grape variety. It is a true art form to get the blend right. For them to say that it is "red" doesn't mean a whole lot other than they keep and get better over the years better than whites usually do and that it is probably a blend. None the less, if you have a bottle and think like an investor in a championship year, you probably have a gold mine. If it is not available in my metropolitan area, it is definitely rare and I'm not that far from San Antonio. If you think like a lover of wine, you probably have an evening of a lifetime memories ahead of you. Your choose.

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