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Cavaliers are your ridiculously early title favorites

Ascribing to the LeBron James Theory of Championship Status that the Spurs disproved in such ruthless fashion last month, online betting site has tabbed the Cleveland Cavaliers as early favorites to win the upcoming title.

The Cavs are 3/1, followed closely by the Spurs at 9/2 and then Oklahoma City and Chicago at 13/2.

Keep in mind — these odds aren’t necessarily based on head-to-head quality of the teams.

Rather, the easier road Cleveland faces in the Eastern Conference no doubt played a part in their odds. Six of the top 10 teams in Bovada’s odds reside in the West, including five of the top six.

Still, the Cavaliers are such a young and unproven team that it’s a little hard to imagine them winning their first championship simply with the arrival of James. Great as he is, they finished just 33-49 last season.

Using his career average as a guide, James can be expected to add roughly 15 victories to their total, give or take. Then there’s No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins, a gifted prospect but still only 19 years old. (There’s a good chance he might never suit up for Cleveland after reports that the Cavaliers are now willing to include him in whatever package it would take to land Minnesota All-Star Kevin Love.)

At any rate, the difference between them and the Spurs amounts to a coin flip. Avoid injuries and age, and the Spurs will surely like their chances to successfully defend their championship for the first time.

Link: San Antonio Spurs News, Scores, Stats & Analysis – Spurs Nation » Cavaliers are your ridiculously early title favorites
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