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Once Boris Diaw and Matt Bonner re-sign with the San Antonio Spurs in the near future, the Spursí roster will carry 14 guaranteed contracts. With the NBA maximum roster limit being 15, the Spurs have just one spot remaining to use in a variety of ways: re-sign Aron Baynes, sign an outside free agent, sign a training camp invite (like Bryce Cotton), sign an international player they hold the draft rights to, or just leave the spot open.

After the Dallas Mavericks inked deals with Chandler Parsons and Richard Jefferson, and with Vince Carter heading to Memphis, it seems very likely unrestricted free agent Shawn Marionís days in Dallas are done. With Marion being a free agent, many Spurs fans have asked me through Twitter if Marion would be a good fit for the Spurs, as a backup small forward to Kawhi Leonard. Using the Synergy Sports and SportVU databases, Iíve put together some charts that show how Marion would have performed with his offensive and defensive skill sets. The following is just a quantitative comparison, and it should be known that the offensive and defensive systems the Spurs and Mavericks use are totally different, which could be a reason for some separation in the statistics.

I don't know. Wouldn't make them worse.
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