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Davis Bertans is free to join the Spurs

Davis Bertans leaves Partizan

Spurs' second round stash prospect Davis Bertans has agreed to terms with his former team Partizan Belgrade to part ways. Partizan is having a tough time financially and won't be playing Euroleague basketball next season, so an exodus was expected.*Bogdan Bogdanovic*is drawing serious interest from Euroleague power house CSKA Moscow as well as Turkish team Fenerbache. And Bertans was pursued by Turkish Euroleague team Galatasaray before his buyout scared them away.

Fortunately for Bertans, he seems to have gotten out of a contract with an insolvent team for the second time in his young career after leaving Union Olimpija on similar terms. Now he will be able to sign with whomever he wants, and there will be plenty of suitors for such a unique young talent. But don't expect the Spurs to be one of them. Not yet, at least.

Bertans came back late this past season from an ACL injury that kept him out for months. He is too skinny to play power forward and needs work on his handle and defense if he is going to play on the perimeter full time. The Spurs could bring him in for training camp and waive him in time to have him assigned to the Toros. But a D-League salary won't likely be competitive with what he can earn across the pond. And with so many roster spots already filled with players that know the system, it's hard to see Bertans cracking the rotation in his first season. It benefits both the team and the player that he stay at least one more year abroad.

What will be interesting to monitor is who signs him and what his buyout situation ends up being. Ideally, he will sign with a Euroleague team for a medium sized salary and buyout. If he's perceived as unproven, that's the best he would get. But Bertans has serious breakout potential due to his shooting and if someone sees that, he could be locked into a long contract with a sizable buyout, which could delay his transition to the NBA.

It will be very interesting to see how things develop.
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