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Originally Posted by samurai32 View Post
I believe this is going to come down on how effective our Defense is against Miami.

We need to limit fast break points
Contest EVERY shot
And when we foul them, foul them hard.

Kawhi is the key. He needs to be inside of Lebron's Jersey. Lebron needs to smell like Kawhi tomorrow morning.

Kawhi might very well be our most important player in this series.
If the refs don't allow James bully our guys around and not expect us to be physical back. Cause those ticky-tack @$$ calls they were giving Kevin Durant were sickening to my stomach. If Leonard stays out of early foul trouble and is aggressive back at James, we'll be OK. I think Green is going to have to do a masterful job on Wade.... He and Manu. When Allen is in, they need to go at him and on that pick for three that Allen likes at the right arc, the screeners man needs to pop out and prevent him from catching and shooting. He killed Indiana with that play because West didn't pop out.
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