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I almost had a TEAR of JOY in my eye when I heard this today!
Bout time this MAN to win that award!

Cant be more thrilled for this HUMBLE CLASS ACT RC!

Congrats to you our very own RC!
Pop had a lot to do with RC being here so in a way Thanks to POP for working along with RC to help this franchise sustain this level of Success and stay competitive despite the small market and the continuous challenges for such difficult SW Div in such a tough Western Conf NBA franchise.

We are so DARN LUCKY to have such a SAVVY GM!
My hat tips off to you Mr. RC!

RC's LEGACY will always be stamped in this Franchise and he will be much so remembered as a HUGE reason for this franchise success for so many years!

The day he retires or leaves us will be so sad for me. IMO he most will leave us or retire once HOF coach Pop retires!

Thanks for all the GREAT WORK you put in this organization Mr. RC. Finally you got one of those trophies to give some very due recognition to ya!
You Rock on so many levels Man!
Go Spurs Go!
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