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Game 7 against Dallas was the only game that the Spurs appeared to resemble the regular season Spurs. They came to play game #7. If they can play focused, play good team defense, limit their turnovers and work the ball, they should not have very many problems. We all saw first hand how turnovers allowed Dallas to stay in the games or ahead at times. However, Aldridge presents a whole different beast than Nowitzki. Though they are comparable shooters, Aldridge hits the boards harder, plays a much better defense and passes very well for a big. And we have to watch out for the occasional alley-oop. We have to guard Lillard as soon as he crosses midcourt and we need to play tough D against Mo Williams whenever he is on the court since he seems to feed on the Spurs. As we progress through each round, the opposition gets a whole lot tougher and the Spurs need to step up as a 'team'. IMHO. Go Spurs!!
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