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Oh dear, someone missed the point. Sorry b1gdon, but you're actually helping make my argument for me. Why is this FIRST round so exciting? Probably because you have such evenly matched teams playing each other (5 teams in the West separated by less than 5 games). Why is this bad? Well, what's happening out East? Miami has an easy sweep, and will probably cakewalk past a 44 win Nets team and then a 44 win Washington team in the conference finals. That's right, Miami won't have to play anyone within 6 wins of who the Spurs have to play IN THE FIRST ROUND!! What's the point of a SEEDED tournament? To reward teams for winning in the regular season with an "easier" path to the final and put the 2 "best" teams on opposite sides of the bracket so you have the most exciting semi-final and final match-ups possible. What's fair about a team that won 10 MORE GAMES than Atlanta having to go home? What's awesome about having either Portland/Houston or Gstate/Clips going home in round 1 while teams like Indiana/ATL or Wash/Chicago keep hanging around for more unwatchable basketball? Sorry, but as "exciting" as the West has been, the East has been horrible (and don't try to make the argument that a game 7 makes IND/ATL "exciting" because those games are anything but that.)

(and by the way, why is anyone "eating crow"? because you said the 1st round would be exciting...seems like you were 4/8 on your predictions which didn't even have the right matchups....sorry, no crow for me)
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