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Originally Posted by Money4Nothing View Post
I guarantee you that no player plays for his owner, and probably half the players in the league don't even know who owns their team. The players play for themselves, each other, their coach and their fans. Nothing that the owner does should affect any of that. The Clips should make a public statement against their owner, but then go about business as usual.

If I found out that the CEO of my company was a bigot, I wouldn't quit my job. I might Spam an inter-company email saying what I think of him, but I wouldn't let him have any other influence on my life.

NOW....if the league or the owners do nothing to punish Sterling in a timely manner, then the players might think about not working for their owner. But in the meantime, they nor their fans shouldn't let what Sterling does change their life...that's not a winning attitude.

I've been wrestling with this myself and honestly, I think I'd have to tell the coach not to play me and explore what options I had to resign from the team. It's a tough tough tough choice, but I don't know if I could respect myself in the morning knowing that I was helping to enrich a man who thought of me in that way. Now, on the other side, quitting is not only giving up on my life long dream of being an NBA champion, I'd have to look at this squad as probably the best chance I had to win one, but also means quitting on my teammates.

The only way I think I could justify playing would be if the fans to boycotted buying any more tickets and for those who already bought tickets to come to the game but not buy any concessions or even pay for parking. I myself would take park and ride to the team facility as a form of solidarity with the fans. I would also use my entire game check to buy tickets to the games to give away free to the fans so I could at least say I'm not taking anymore money from that man.

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