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Originally Posted by tenthousandaces View Post
I agree about the contracts, and that he was recorded without his knowledge while at home.

But did you hear what he said? He really pits himself against his players and coach. And the reality is that it's all on a public stage now. In my opinion, this event, this "incident," will be remembered for a long time and will be thought of as "important." These are not Sterling's first racist comments. And this can't be swept under the rug as "some Archie Bunker incident."

So for Chris Paul, for Blake Griffin, (as long as Sterling is there) it will be important to save face by demanding trades after the season. It's about self-respect. You can't keep suiting up and competing, to reward this guy who just publicly spit in your face.. illegal tape or not. As a side note.. Sterling bought the Clippers in 1980 for $12 million. Today the team is worth $550-575 million. No doubt the current set of players are partially responsible for the recent appreciation.

The players would have recourse if the league can somehow affect a transfer of ownership.

But a slap on the wrist, a suspension, a fine, .. Those are half-measures and mere appeasement, and would mean nothing in principle.
You make good points however this is not new, he has been under investigation for various issues for years. The players that have been drafted pretty much have to play there however the others knew he is an A-- Hole and still signed to play for the Clippers.
The girl friend is a minority. The head coach is black. etc.
Don't get me wrong he is an A--Hole, I'm just saying we don't know all the facts.
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