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I noticed how Pop in that interview had a sarcastic tone........

Never had I recall Pop giving any hints on the strategy the next PO game.
Yet those reporters never cease to amaze me with that question over and over
as if Pop was going to give any hints. LOL

Bottom Line. Nothing will change means = BIG HUGE CHANGE coming!

Expect exact opposite of Pop's wording most likely!

Still Pop called it right. Offense had recovered nicely game 4 but defense is not recovering to what it should be as a Spurs PO DEFENSE the way it should be.

What I wish would happen tomorrow is that Pop to be more fair those 3 or 4 guys who did not SHOW UP last few games to give them more minutes. Lets test them with the minutes as David Chancler said in the sport segment on ch 4 tonight those bench guys did not have enough minutes to prove themselves. Especially since this series is looking to me as if it could extend to a six or even seven game series. We need to keep those starters fresh and maybe the bench would get INSPIRED and get some FIRE in their bellies.

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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