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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
First, I wonder if the league can even do anything without proof that it is actually Sterling speaking non the recording. Second, WHAT exactly can they do? There's probably some text in the bylaws of owning a team about conduct, but I'm sure they can't take a team away or force them to sell. Because if a guy is actually prosecuted for being a bigot, and the league didn't do anything then, I suspect the punishment will be a hand slap. Most likely, you'd be looking at draft picks being taken or something like that.
What makes this even more difficult is that this was a secretly recorded conversation between Sterling and his girl friend in the privacy of his own home. I don't think the league should have any legal standing to do anything. If league does do anything it will be only a slap in the wrist that Sterling would be willing to pay to make the issue go away. Any real sanctions that would actually hurt him would easily be fought in court.

And honestly, I don't think the league should do anything in this specific instance. He didn't violate any laws and he didn't bring out his vile bigotry in public. As long as he doesn't discriminate in his business practices or present his racist views in a public forum (and I have a very broad view of that being almost everywhere but your own home) he should have the right to his disgusting opinions.
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