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Well Mavs could not be that proud for such win!
Mavs stole this game and I am honestly NOT giving any freaking credit for Dallas because they got a lot of freaking calls from the refs to help them. They hacked my Spurs a lot and got away with a lot of pushes and shoves!! I am sick of those refs playing blind at some points of that game. SICK of them.

Spurs did everything right to RECOVER!

The bright thing here is by far this was the best game Spurs played so far in this series.

Not doubting my Spurs but a bit concerned with their FIRE from within as a TEAM! I am seeing Mavs with more fire and energy than Spurs. Spurs now need to take it to the next level and Play better Defense period!!

Game 4 come Monday will be WAR and tougher than this game.
I can see however Mavs go celebrate this win at home and become too relaxed at home!!!!

I do sincerely believe my Spurs will come MORE READY. And Pop will help my Spurs get a W! I believe that Dallas know within they got lucky with that last freaking Shot from Carter and that Spurs could have won that game if that shot did not go thru. It was a lucky shot that was it!

Dallas has to start doubting their win in the back of their mind. Spurs will come with BIGGER and BETTER GAME PLAN come Monday no doubt!

Just wondering after this game: Is Tony' back spasm still bothering him? I mean he played ok but TP did not play aggressive enough. His speed is not as we saw him in the finals last year. Something has to give with TP not being able to sustain his energy for the entire game. Come on TP you are the current reigning Eurobasket 2013 MVP!!!!! WE NEED YOU TP to close the next games!
Go Spurs Go!

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