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Donald Sterling remains a total scumbag, and the NBA needs to deal with it

Donald Sterling remains a total scumbag, and the NBA needs to deal with it

In case the soothing play of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin had let it fade into the white noise, here's a reminder: Donald Sterling is literally the worst.

Donald Sterling is a total scumbag. He has a history of particularly grotesque and federally prosecuted racism and a list of sexual harassment accusers. He's a grandstanding idiot without a modicum of self-awareness. He's the type of dumbass who would hold a Black History Month celebration in March, and the type of racist moron who would "celebrate Black History" by giving 1,000 game tickets to poor kids, because the brainless hockey puck equates Black people with poor people, because he is a complete cretin.

Donald Sterling is, without question, the worst human being who owns a major sports franchise, and that is absolutely saying something, because they are a whole lot of jackwagon sports owners out there.

The problem is that no matter how stupid and horrifying he is, Donald Sterling is still the owner of a major sports team, in this case the Los Angeles Clippers. So when more alleged evidence that Donald Sterling is a racist dolt surfaces, it comes in the context of the Clippers, the NBA and its fraternity of owners.

Such evidence surfaced early Saturday, when TMZ released a 9-minute recording that purports to be Sterling chiding his girlfriend for appearing in public with Black people and bringing them to "his games." Her alleged infraction: posting a photo with NBA legend and Hero Of Los Angeles Magic Johnson to her Instagram page.

By the way, the girlfriend is Black and Latino.


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