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Well nice win for my Spurs. Not an easy win because Spurs allowed Mavs to hang in there.

It is all in Spurs Mentality! They should have known better to come more aggressive with much more energy!!!!

Mavs knew they have no chance... they played like there is no tomorrow as expected..

But Spurs did not match that as quickly at the fist half so they ended up close come half time.

Come second half I expected Spurs to come out on fire from that locker room. instead they kept grinding it!!!LOL

It is not supposed to be an easy cake walk we know Mavs will FIGHT VERY HARD to stay in the game. Spurs must know that!!!!! And fight HARDER!

I am sure Pop will now show Spurs players the tape in the next two days and adjust his plan.

BIG KEY WAS OUR BENCH DISAPPOINTING MIA!!! Except for our MANU!!! WTF was that Bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shout out to our FEARLESS LEADERS TimmyD, TP, and Manu. Yes Manu!

Tim was as great as he is with very little mistakes. That little scare on that knee bang was a bit concern but thank Goodness he was ok!!!You Go TIMMY!

Manu was huge and kept the entire team under his wing. Huge props to Manu despite his TO he was HUGE reason for this win. MANU refused to let this team lose and I am so proud of what I saw from MANU!!! Thanks Manu! Champions will find a way to win!!! He is a survivor and the entire team fed off of him in this game!!!

Our MVP like TP played sporadic great bball. But hey credit Coach Carlile as he adjusted to that TP penetration wit our outside shooter not hitting any shots from downtown.. And Mavs almost run with that until Pop countered his plan 4th Q.
Perhaps now Pop can bring TP to finish the game at key moments instead.....Pop has to adjust his bringing TP and resting him...HUGE thing Pop need to work on!!!

Secondly, my main man TIAGO played awesome and Mavs did not know how to adjust to that Tiago Man!!!

Thirdly! Pop at the second half started adjusting his plan a little and that was the key to this win. When the Mavs got that momentum, Spurs countered with GREAT TRAP DEFENSE which was huge at the fourth!!! that was the GAME Winner! Tightening that D was HUGE!

Green played Good D despite his shooting woes that were concerning to me....

MR. KAWHI WAS Great on D too. I thought he was less aggressive on offense as I had known him to be. He probably will adjust his condition and rhythm next games.
No worries here.

Mills was a concern too. He seemed confused by Dallas D and never got his rhythm too. He stepped his D at the end but that was too late.

Expecting my Spurs to get some rest and get back in rhythm ready to rock come Wednesday!

MAVS were thinking as coach Carlile told them we start the PO with zero zero
Now Mavs are down 1-0 to screw with their mind....
Has to make them start doubting themselves now
Then next game Spurs Win and make games 3 and 4 easier on them in Dallas.
As Mavs Ego and Hope will DWINDLE after every loss.

Go Spurs Go for the kill in game 2!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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