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Originally Posted by montgod View Post
Yes, I hope so too but I beg to differ about the Knicks and their cap space cause they are not going to be free of cap hell till the 2016 season depending on what Melo does obviously. And no Melo, no Gasol. This playoffs will tell the tale how successful the Spurs can really be or how much he could help the Spurs vs. another team. Either way, the Spurs should have enough money to entice him just like they did with Bellinelli (even though he probably would have been starting for the Bulls this last year and turned down more money elsewhere vs. the Spurs) along with the winning culture that most Euros want to be a part of.

And I don't see Gasol being a player to just pad his bank account type of guy and not have pride or the desire to get on the court. He isn't going to be a Steve Nash in my opinion.
Don't forget Melo said he'd take a less to help his team out. But I'm guessing Melo will have some insite on who he wants if he was going to take a pay cut. I'm with you on this one, we just need to be aware of sucker punch the Spurs always gives us in free agency. I'll take anything to prolong us keeping TIMMY.
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