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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
If not the Knicks, sure in heck won't be the Spurs. Give me one reason you think he comes here and not like OKC,LAC,HOU or some other high profile team with a younger core? And once again, when have you ever know the Spurs to land top free agents? The odds are always against us. Don't get me wrong, but I'm tired of hoping and guessing/wanting these guys only to be kicked in the face. Metta,Granger,Turner,Odem, Bynum,Tyreke and so forth. But I hope your theory will prove me and the Spurs wrong and pull a rabbit out of the hat for once.
I could be mistaken, but I would think LAC (they have to pay Griffin, Paul, overpaying Center, Redick, maybe Granger and Barnes, etc.) and HOU (need to pay Parsons soon and drafted a nice PF in Jones) have no money to pay Gasol at the price of 8 mill per year. Besides that, I have a feeling Gasol isn't a fan of Howard and joining back up with him.

OKC might be a player since Perkins might finally be out the door, but I am just not sure that offense would suit his skillset like the Spurs. Not only that, but they are still not proven especially Westbrook who is always injured or making bad decisions at crucial times. Of course this is the year that could change that.

At that age (Gasol), I think you look at what's proven and the Spurs are that IF you really want to win now. I also think the Euro factor plays a role to some degree over those three and the past free agents you mentioned who were all mainly American (besides fact that Spurs didn't have as much cap space for those guys vs. after Bonner's contract expires). Gasol could easily slip into the rotation vs. going to the other places and try to figure it out. I could be over thinking it ... but that's just my opinion.
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