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Originally Posted by montgod View Post
I agree...8 mill is a good deal for Gasol.

I would take Monroe as well, but just don't see Monroe taking less to go to Spurs at the height of his career. Watch Monroe get monster money and either stay in Detroit or get traded.


Point is.. his bro isn't available... but who wouldn't at this juncture?

Knicks definitely wouldn't be it. Even Melo doesn't believe that and looks to be on the way out. Whose left if Gasol joins up? Same old broken up overpaid Knicks players that won't win a thing even in the East.

If not the Knicks, sure in heck won't be the Spurs. Give me one reason you think he comes here and not like OKC,LAC,HOU or some other high profile team with a younger core? And once again, when have you ever know the Spurs to land top free agents? The odds are always against us. Don't get me wrong, but I'm tired of hoping and guessing/wanting these guys only to be kicked in the face. Metta,Granger,Turner,Odem, Bynum,Tyreke and so forth. But I hope your theory will prove me and the Spurs wrong and pull a rabbit out of the hat for once.
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