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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
Not meant as a joke. Just another option as a 58 game regular season with no back to backs, probably fewer injuries and fewer key players sitting out to rest. Maybe even long careers for players that have to retire early from nagging injuries. Where would teams like Chicago, New Orleans and Atlanta be in the standings right now if it were not for injuries? Injuries are still going to occur, I just think that there would be fewer.

29 regular season games are played in college.
46 regular season games are played in the Euroleague with each of the 24 teams playing twice. The Euroleague (FIBA) has 245 million viewers in 199 countries according to Wikipedia.
Sorry but 58 games is not enough for a team to gel. It reminds me too much of the '98 lockout and how awful most teams looked even at the end of the regular season. Sure it would help consistent teams (Spurs) but this league has a lot of player movement. Also, they would have to move the trade deadline up a month or two so that any new player could be worked into a system.
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