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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
There is no fundamental reason why the East is so week this year, so it will balance itself out.
There is a reason actually. Maybe this year is worse than others but it has been bad for over a decade. The reason is that strong west teams that barely miss the playoffs get no worse than a 15th pick. While worse teams out east get no better than 16th.

Take this year for example. Phoenix could be the 11th best team in the league getting a 15th pick while Toronto being the 12th best team gets to pick 21st. And Atlanta being the 18th best team gets to pick 16th.

Bad east teams that make the playoffs essentially get punished with lower draft picks while west teams who barely miss the playoffs get higher draft picks. Everyone says this is cyclical but it's gotten so lopsided the trend is only going to continue if things stay the same.
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