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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I think Splitters contract was excellently executed by the Spurs.

The position the Spurs were in was lose Tiago and have a huge hole at the C position, or overpay Tiago. So what they did was give Tiago a contract that started high, and got smaller and smaller. They took the pain of the overpaying in the early years. By the time TD retires (after next season), Centers like Tiago will be being overpaid even worse than Tiago. In 2015/2016 Tiago will have 16.75 million left on his contract (8.5 in 15/16 and 8.25 in 16/17). By that time . . . with the way salaries inflate each year, that will be a very good contract. It fact, I think it will be a tradeable asset.

So I will agree that Tiago has been overpaid for last season and this season, but of all the overpaid players that teams get forced to sign, this is one of the least offensive in the league, and the Spurs Front Office did the right thing.
Well said.
Two things not mentioned here is Tiago's heart and willingness to play within the Spurs system.The guy always runs the floor, looks kind of goofy at times but never quits. Front office is always looking ahead not at yesterday and today. These things are priceless. Time will Tell.
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