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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
So the entire meat and potatoes of this argument... Splitter is NOT worth 40 million or even close..

Also, we may have a great record when splitter score 10 or more... I don't think that stat is ANY indication of Splitter value .. I think that stat (which I also heard on TV last night and lsughed) is silly. I would be willing to bet most of those wins, splitter could have scored 5 or less and we still would have won. I bet spurs have a great record when splitter pulls down 3 rebounds or less too... Since that's the norm.

But again, my whole issue is his contract... I think he is ridiculously overpaid.
if you watch the game last night, Splitter did a decent job covering Dork, and yes he scored over 10 and spurs won, what does this means? is that he gets involved on the offensive end and those ugly shots keep falling for him then he plays with more enthus on the defensive end, he wont block ya, or steal a ball, he ll play solid and spurs win, again, Tiago scoring points is about being involved and not the amount of points he scores (this is just a measuring stick), it means the ball is moving around going in and out and spurs win doing this every time
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