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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
I don't even know how to respond. You are throwing around a bunch of numbers as if they are facts. As if it is a fact that if kaman went to sa, he would decrease our wins by 3.223 games. Ridiculous. For all we know, kaman would produce better with a competent offense. I take those numbers with a grain of salt. Only strengthening my opinion sitting here watching splitter miss his third chip shot in a row. Say kaman as an all star is a joke all you want, at least he had the ability to be one.
You're absolutely right in that these numbers do need to be taken with a grain of salt. The Lakers are not the same as the Spurs. So let me give you some INDISPUTABLE facts.

Kaman is shooting .509 from the field, his best % since '08-'09 (his career avg is .487). His true shooting % (TS%) this year is .537.

Tiago is shooting .525 from the field (his career avg is .562). His TS% this year is .577.

Kaman has attempted 8.9 shots per game this year, Tiago has attempted 5.7. In spite of getting 3.2 more shots per game on a bad team, Kaman is only getting 2.3 more points per game.

Kaman lucked into an all star spot. He was not elected by the coaches, rather he was selected by Stern as a replacement. That year he robbed Marc Gasol of what would have been his first all star nod. Marc was better in just about every statistic (player efficiency rating, rebounding rate, every measure of shooting percentage from the field, assist rate, steal rate and block rate) but Stern probably thought that the game needed more LA representation (since Kobe was out).

I can laugh at him because no team wants him. He is a scrub and always has been. Theres a reason Dallas didn't keep him last year or NO the year before that. In his best years, he only mildly hurt his teams. In his declining years...

Finally here are the only stats you need to know: The Spurs are 33-0 when Splitter scores 7 points. They're also 16-6 (.727) without Splitter and 45-12(.789) with him in the lineup.
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