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Originally Posted by ThomasamohT View Post
Well I just had a nice long post analyzing all the FA centers last year but I accidentally backed out and lost it. So heres the list of centers from last summer:

Aldrich, Cole
Blair, DeJuan
Brown, Kwame
Bynum, Andrew
Camby, Marcus
Collins, Jason
Dalembert, Samuel
Diop, DeSagana
Gadzuric, Dan
Gray, Aaron
Hollins, Ryan
Howard, Dwight
James, Bernard
Jefferson, Al
Kaman, Chris
Melo, Fab
Mohammed, Nazr
Mozgov, Timofey
O'Neal, Jermaine
Oden, Greg
Ohlbrecht, Tim
Pekovic, Nikola
Petro, Johan
Przybilla, Joel
Sacre, Robert
Splitter, Tiago
Stiemsma, Greg
Turiaf, Ronny

Other than Howard, Jefferson, Oden, Dalembert, Pekovic and Tiago I don't see another name on that list worth mentioning. Howard, Jefferson and Pekovic were out of our price range. We went after Oden but he chose Miami. Not sure if we went after Dalembert but with his history I can see why we wouldn't. Basically it came down to Tiago was the best of the rest. Without giving up a major piece we weren't going to do any better at the center position than Tiago. Unfortunately he isn't playing all that well this year. Then again, of the big 3, only Manu is playing up to last year (which wasn't all that great but definitely decent enough). Unfortunately I can see that the only center that would please you is if Big Dave put on a uni and stepped back on the court. That aint gonna happen, so we'll play with the best we've got.
I would take kaman over him. Just my opinion. Kaman not a great defender, but I don't think Tiago is either.. Kaman can play offense though.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tiago put up a big game tonight with all my complaining..
I'll never leave Spurs report... Even though Choppsboy is what comes out of a horse's ass.
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