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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
Here you go with your formulas again... I could care less what some formula says about a player.. I've already had this argument with someone that used a formula that essentially said Andre Drummond was more effective than Kevin Durant... Rasho was a better defender than Tiago.. Get that garbage out... And I don't know who we could have gotten because Pop isn't Malkovich and I'm not in his head... But on that list, from gortat to Lopez to asik... Geez probably even dalembert or kaman... Give me any of them...
I've got to ask: why are you a Spurs fan? The Spurs are one of the leaders in the league in looking at advanced metrics for scouting and analyzing players. If I remember correctly, the Spurs were one of the pilot teams to install the SportsU tracking cameras in the AT&T center. Using these numbers (and others gathered from various sources) the Spurs were able to acquire the great perimeter defenders that others in the league passed on (Bowen, Kawhi, Green). If you believe these guys just passed Pop's "stink test" then you are sorely mistaken. But if you won't listen to reason, that pretty much ends the argument.

As for the players you mentioned, heres a few problems with them:

Gortat: What would we send to the Suns to get him? The Wizards sent a first round pick (in a deep draft) and 14.5M in expiring contracts. Maybe they take Bonner, Green and Kawhi but if you send that for an expiring contract, you're an idiot. Or maybe you send them Manu, Tony or Tim...

As for numbers, he's pretty much the equivalent of Tiago. Better at some things (blocks), worse at others (win share). Personally I'd take the guy that knows the system and isn't going to be a FA this summer (where he'll command +10M per year).

Lopez: I'll concede that Robin is better than Tiago, when he's healthy. When he was with Phoenix he played in less than 74% of their games. For reference, Tiago has played in 84% of the Spurs games before this year (and that includes Pop's resting him a game or two). I believe Robin was a steal and I'm not really sure why the Pelicans got rid of him for so cheap (2 2nd rounders and cash).

Asik: Sure he makes less than Tiago ($8.4M against the cap) but again the question remains, how do the Spurs acquire him? In spite of his pouting and demands to be traded, the Rockets still didn't trade him. What would you have given up? A first rounder? Not enough. A first rounder and Green/Belinelli? Still not enough. The Rockets would have RAPED us in any trade for Asik because ultimately they knew they had all the power.

Dalembart: A interesting case. This guy has been on 4 teams in the last 4 years. Without even looking at numbers, that tells me something is wrong. With looking at numbers, I see that in his 5 years prior to joining the mavs he'd had an OWS of 1.18 and DWS of 2.5. Thats the equivalent of Tiago's defense and 1/3rd his offense. Yes he has improved drastically this year but if he hadn't, right now you'd be screaming "why didn't we resign Tiago!"

Kaman: Same as above with Dalembert except worse. 4 years, 4 teams. Defensive win share of 1.33 and an OWS of -0.38 in the last 4 years. YES THAT IS A NEGATIVE. Kaman has actually hurt his teams on offense and helped them on defense about half as much as Tiago.
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