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Originally Posted by ThomasamohT View Post
The problem here is that YOU can't name 5 better centers who were available last year that also make less money than Splitter. Here's a website to help you along: 2013-2014 NBA Top Base Salaries - Center
The best part about Splitter's contract is that it decreases over time. That means when Tim, Manu, Tony, etc.. come off the books he'll only be making 8.5M.

As for not winning championships, you shouldn't blame Tiago for not winning game 6 last year. Put that all on Turnobili and his AWFUL, AWFUL performance. (Speaking of overpaid players...)
Your right... I can't because I don't track players salaries.. thanks for that list.. Now i can name about 10 guys that make less that splitter that are better.. .it's shocking really..
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