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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
It's very simple actually. Splitter can only do things when someone sets him up on a pick and roll or when he posts up under the basket. The Thunder's length, as we saw the last time, is too much for him. Particularly because he can't jump. Rasho, while not as physical, had some post up moves, but more importantly his jumper was pretty consistent. If Splitter had a jumper, he wouldn't be so easily shut down. I'm not sure how that's hard to understand.
It isn't hard to understand.. I agree with you on most of this..... But sseriously? Splitter can do something when he posts up under the basket... Usually all I see is him and his two inch vertical get rejected, or he turns it over. Every now and then he will reverse it in.... But he is crap on the offensive block... I cringe everytime he gets it there.

don't intend to offend or piss anyone off here.. Just friendly argument... I don't really Care to get into heated argument with my spurs brethren...I just think splitter is worthless... And I feel like we could get another player for significantly less, if splitter made 5 million per, I probably wouldn't have as much to say ...with that being said.. I hope splitter turns into a top center in the NBA... Buuut I don't see any crow dinners in my future.
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