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Someone is smoking something.... It clearly isn't me...

If you honestly think we "may" have overpaid splitter... You need to leave because either you are related to him, or you are having relations with him...

If we didn't have ssplitter... We would have some other big man which probably wouldn't be that much worse than splitter.... I think you need to take your own advice on treatment mang...

Take a look at his rebounding numbers during last year's playoff run and tell me again we didn't massively overpay him.

If anyone wants to send me a list of centers with lower salaries, or even comparable salaries... I will definitely either eat crow or tell you every player who I think is better. I know San an isn'ta huge FA magnet, but the centers we are talking about aren't exactly big time free agents either.. Splitter is a horrible investment and nothing anyone says will change my opinion... (well, it isn't likely anyway)

P. S we aren't winning championships with splitter either... If you can't tell.
I'll never leave Spurs report... Even though Choppsboy is what comes out of a horse's ass.

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