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Ya'll need to lay off whatever it is you're smoking. Taigo is the best we could get at the time, with the money we had. Is he as good a value as Robin Lopez, Omer Asik or Marcin Gortat? Maybe, maybe not. The thing is, we didn't have the money and/or pull to get those guys. Center is a tough position to acquire in the NBA and unless we draft one, he's not joining the Spurs. If we want a FA center, we'll have to MASSIVELY overpay him. Did we overpay Tiago? Maybe but we didn't MASSIVELY overpay him. Again, it's all relative to position. If we hadn't paid Tiago, we'd have Baynes or Bonner as our #3/#4 big men. Do you honestly think we're winning a championship with that? If you do, I beg you to seek treatment at your nearest drug rehab facility.

P.S. If you honestly think Rasho would be better vs the Thunder than Splitter, do us all a favor and leave because you must be a Thunder Troll.

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