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Originally Posted by RealMadrid12 View Post
they guy plays within the system. Overpaid? perhaps. if you see player efficiency he is top ten in efficiency for centers, with the likes of cousins(you want him?),pau gasol (soft as a tissue) deandre jordan(all he does is dunk)bogut (always hurt),Robin lopez(portland is sucking these days) he gives you good screens, attempts to play solid D and runs the floor, yeah not a offensive machine, but so is jordan, come on people, we lose one game and we start attacking someone (we are in first place) we didnt lose agaisnt the wolves because of sppliter
Ragging on splitter isn't a new development.... Every guy you named, I would much rather have btw. You can throw efficiency ratings or whatever type of formula you want.. Fact is, he isn't good at anything... Setting screens maybe? We can get someone from the toros to do that... Splitter is a HORRIBLE signing.. I really don'teven think his defense is anything more than decent... I don't even think there is much of a difference between him sand Baynes.. Other than salary of course....
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