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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
If you don't think he's worth the salary of a starting center, then please tell me the other 30 centers in the NBA you think are better than he is. My point isn't to say that I think that he is really an all-star or that he isn't overpaid, but that centers in the NBA overall are overpaid. Last offseason, the Spurs had a choice to either pay him $9M/yr or try to fill the gap with a free agent signing, and since we don't have Captain Hindsight as the Spurs GM who could have reliably picked one of the underpaid centers to sign, I really can't complain. He fills the role of the big man we have to start when Diaw is too small and unfortunately in the NBA free agent market, those guys get paid a lot of cash.
You name them... Cause whoever you name, they are probably better... Asik, Gibson, I think you may be as good... For the money, you can probably give me anyone.. .
I'll never leave Spurs report... Even though Choppsboy is what comes out of a horse's ass.
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