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I've been saying this since his rookie season! The guy is simply not a good basketball player, he makes for an ok backup, but not a starting center getting paid $9 million a season, that's highway robbery if you ask me. I cannot believe the Spurs who make little to no mistakes (Malik Rose's contract, trading for RJ) might have made the worst decision by giving him such a big contract. There's so many big guys in the NBA that are not used properly or have no been giving a legit shot to do anything, or just need a system where they fit in, a system that teaches them how to become a better player (sound familiar?) and it drives me crazy that they never want to go over a big guy who knows how to do more then set a screen. I wouldn't mind a shot blocker, a good rebounder, how about this crazy idea and get a big who can score in the post?

This season has been bearable at the center position due to Diaw playing much better this season.
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