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Of those on the 2014-2015 unrestricted link Guapo provided above, these are the players who got my immediate interest because of their availability. Based on how the Spurs playoff finish and their Spurs player resigning efforts, here's my wish list:

Shaun Livingston -- 6’7”, 28, PG: Has regained his potent passing/shooting skills since his knee injury; Manu-like in ways in his offensive form

Spencer Hawes – 7’1”, 25, C: I’ve always liked him; board banger and has gotten better each year while in NBA

Aaron Brooks -- 6’, 29, PG: Mills like in that he’s a pest on defense, in your face type; can provide instant offense off the bench in event Spurs can’t resign/lose Mills

Greg Oden – 7’, 26, C: Spurs were interested in him once, maybe again. Could be used as an intimidator if anything; would be interested to know what Spurs think about him now

Jason Smith -- 7’, 28, C: Another intimidator who can shoot from 15’ but could be prone to injury; he’s a big

Thabo Sefolosha: 6’7”, 29, SG: Good defender, passer and I heard Spurs had him high on their list but he was drafted early

** I believe the Spurs need to extend the contracts of Leonard and Belinelli immediately and resign Patty Mills and Boris Diaw. Diaw is a toss-up, again dependent on the Spurs draft selections and free agent shopping. For some reason, I think the Spurs are going to get a surprise in the draft, either on their pick or trade.
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