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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
Ouch. The call for reinforcements for that #15 roster spot keeps knocking at the Spurs door. It's going to be up to Pop and RC whether they answer it or grin and bare it the rest of the way. Anybody see a reported recovery period for Baynes? Ayres and Daye will have to step up their game a little bit more when called.
Just as one of my posts says. I know we probably don't need it, but it's just nice to know that they can throw another big/strong body out there just in case. Bonner only plays in specific match ups and teams, Baynes is a big bodied-banger but probably not crucial game material yet. So I'm worried about that and the strain on our remainder of our big men. Like I said before, it would be nice to have a guy like MWP just to be there ala McGrady. But fortunately they don't pay us to make team decisions. So if Pop & Co. feel they are O.K. be it. Just don't take Tim out for the last play on defense....Oopps, big mistake.
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