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Erler chats with Phil Naessens about Duncan, ideal playoff opponents and failure.

Erler chats with Phil Naessens about Duncan, ideal playoff opponents and failure.
By Michael Erler @MichaelErlerSBN on Mar 25 2014, 3:53p

I'm an expert on one of those three things but won't tell you which.
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I don't know how to tell you this, but the Spurs are kind of a big deal right now. Not only do they have furniture made out of mahogany and leather-bound books, but people know them. They've noticed your breathtaking hiney, Larry O'Brien Trophy, and they want to be on you.

So yeah, 14 wins in a row for the good guys, the best record in the league and everyone that matters relatively healthy. Hell, they even have the best player in the history of the league at the end of the bench, just in case.

Which brought the question from Phil... would it be a failure in your eyes if the team doesn't win it all? A disappointment certainly, but a failure? It's a complicated query, and I tried to answer it as best and honestly as I could, so no spoilers here.

Phil also asked me what I'd think of the team's chances if Tim Duncan were to suffer an unfortunate injury (you can guess how I responded to that and you'd be wrong because I didn't curse him out on air) which team I'd prefer to be the Spurs' first-round opponent. The real answer, of course, is whoever is eighth because that'd mean the Spurs have home court over the Thunder, but I digress.

All in all, it was a good 20 minutes of Spurs talk and I encourage you all to give it a listen.

Phil will also welcome to the show Joe Mullinax from, the Memphis Grizzlies blog on SBNation. Mullinax has a football background in his personal life and he and Phil will talk about the running back prospects in the upcoming NFL draft. A warning to the General Managers out there: I'm pretty sure it's legal for the local citizenry to have you drawn and quartered if you draft a running back in the first round. I think I saw a story about that on Fox News.

If all that wasn't enough, Phil will also be interviewing author Kerry Donovan about his new novel, "The Transition of Johnny Swift." Donovan is just like me except he can write well and doesn't care at all about the Spurs.


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