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Iím kind of torn on this one. Philly comes in here having lost 24 straight with one of our own at the helm in Coach Brett Brown. No team wants to be the one to end a terrible streak like this but what do the Spurs do tonight: go full strength, play professionally, get a big lead and let the bench finish the game or does Pop rest some of his main players, play the remaining few and go for the best? Let me play devilís advocate here: What if by resting his main players, the Spurs donít have the firepower to stop a possible good shooting night for the Sixers and they end the streak by beating the Spurs. Could this in all probability be a camouflaged cover up for tanking the game by Pop and maybe throwing a Ďsympathy winí to the Sixers? Could Pop do that? Thatís a question thatís been gnawing at me all weekend. I know itís showing a lack of reverence toward the Spurs, blasphemy if you will, to think that way and thatís why Iím torn. I say play professionally and rest the players as they go. What do you think?
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