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Cousins apologizes to Sean Elliot

I found this on ESPN's rumor page.

Funny thing is, I was at the game . . . . . . .

Is Boogie showing signs of maturity?
March, 23, 2014
MAR 23
By Tom Carpenter |
February 25 was a rough night for DeMarcus Cousins. He freaked out at the refs, was tossed out of the game with a pair of technicals and later was suspended for the Sacramento Kings' next game (Feb. 28) for throwing a punch at Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley.

Since then, we have seen a kinder, gentler Boogie.

He has played 10 games now without earning another tech, which is key, because he will be automatically suspended for one game if he picks up another one.

Furthermore, he made amends with San Antonio Spurs announcer Sean Elliott prior to Friday's game, according to Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Exress-News. Cousins was suspended for two games last season for an angry confrontation with Elliott after Cousins heard that Elliott had slammed the big fella while announcing a game.

“I was surprised to see him come over to me,” Elliott said.

“DeMarcus seemed very sincere, and I really appreciated it.”

Is Cousins maturing before our eyes? History suggests that is unlikely, but he wouldn't be the first young baller to figure out how to keep his emotions in check and mature as a player. Keep in mind that he is just 23 years old.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Boogie has gone off in those 10 technical-free outings to the tune of 21.3 PPG, 13.3 RPG and 49.7 FG%.
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