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This thread is way to early, as every single team an assistant has gone to shall we say does not want to miss out on the lottery......

And then to say without Duncan Pop is nothing is very pess... too easy but the point remains that the Spurs has remained at the top of the league with 1 lottery pick for 15 + years. Other than the greatest PF of all time falling into our lap the Spurs have worked for every other player at the backend of the draft and role players.

Now TP and Manu have worked out very well to create a big three that is obviously needed these days, but they only happened by good planning..... and then the off/def system that makes our too old too boring team compete with teams built on allstars to take us down.

Long winded reply but I get tired of watching every armchair GM belittle a HOF coach/front office who have given the basis for Spurs fans to take for granted playing in June and competing for a ring that 3/4's of the league haven't ever had a chance to do...... and all done in a small marketplace not even biggest in our state.
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