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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
Unions are as varied in their ethic and dedication as front offices are in the NBA. I don't know where the Player's Union falls. By the same token, there are good company structures and bad company structures in so far as caring for the welfare of their employees. A prime example of a good union is the Ironworkers Union which has historically been one of the most dangerous professions and a union that has reinvented itself to be extremely well-structured and dedicated and understanding to both its members and their employers. Their dedication to educating both members and employers is relentless and well executed. These efforts and dedication have resulted in miraculous drops in accidents and rapidly increasing job efficiency due to educated workers and employers moving forward at an unheard of rate.

The announcement of a "clandestine search" for a leader of the Players Union seems a good indication that this union does not operate at anywhere near the level of the Ironworkers Union as "clandestine" is not the way their union conducts itself.

good comments.

My dad is in the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) in Texas. Texas is a right to work state. As a result, IBEW members must be more productive and produce higher quality electrical work to compete with non-union shops . . . . . and they do through intense training and an excellent apprenticeship program. Now my dad has also worked jobs in Indiana and California (not right to work states). He found those guys to be a bunch of slugs because they do not have to compete.

So I say again.

I was making a very general statement
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