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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
Yes, I would rather see Owners get more money. They are the ones risking all of their money on purchasing an NBA team.

And please don't give me the "players risk their bodies" crap.

Carpenters and firefighters risk their bodies, and they aren't getting paid millions.

But you are right about one thing.

That was a huge generalization.
This might seem like a bit counter-intuitive, but the players union actually helps the owners to make more money. The presence of a union allows the owners to legally form a cartel that can negotiate with the players union and establish salary caps. This benefits the owners because they don't have to pay market based wages and it benefits the majority of players because they can get a minimum contract and can limit the amount of revenue going to the top 5% of players. The biggest losers in the whole scheme are the LeBrons, Duncans, and Dirks of the world who would earn a much much higher salary if they were paid market based wages.
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