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There could be many factors that play here, ie, player personality, his age and maturity, team and management leadership, the team’s history, the teams present agenda and goals, the support rendered by the city and fans, etc, etc.

I think where the player starts his career into the NBA has a lot to do with it. Example, there was a day when a rookie was drafted by the Clippers and his immediate fate was gloomy, basically because the Clipper management sucked and some of their coaching choices were questionable. However, somewhere along the line, their management saw this weird light bulb above their heads and it kept chiming ‘spend some money to get better players and coaches’. The Clippers today are a force to be reckoned with. I don’t know if Mr Sterling is still in charge of the Clippers but somebody blew the dust off their wallet and started spending. That move changed the teams focus completely around.

Sometimes it’s the team’s location (city) that may turn some players off; fan and city support to the team is a huge contributor but I think the bottom line lies with what kind of agenda the teams management has, the quality of their leadership and how they translate it to the players, fans, and city as a whole. And sometimes it just takes a lucky draw of a great player that can open the eyes of a mediocre team that gets the ball rolling.

And there are times when you, as a fan, would like to see a player stay with your team for his entire career and have his name added to the list you posted above. But sometimes in a teams history, there comes a time when the term 'rebuilding' is muttered and a player's path and future is changed for the sake of 'business'. Do we think Tony Parker will be added to your list or will Tony, after TD, Manu and Pop decide to retire, be traded because of his worth on the market.

When a newborn baby is brought into the world, no one can accurately predict what kind of person and status that child will hold in their future because there are too many obstacles along the way that can influence the path they will follow. And a basketball player's itinerary is a roll of the dice, anything can happen. Then again, sometimes my mouth moves and hot air comes out. But that's just my opinion. Thanks for asking.
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