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No Trades, No cry

All of us Spurs fans saw the trade deadline come and go and some of us discuss it with symptoms of anxiety, disgust, sadness, reservations, sarcasm, irony, demeanor attitude, etc,etc,.

Now it seems , Buford and Pop knew what they were doing? none of the grangers, caron butlers, Andrew bynums of the world wished to come and play here, so why even try?

The spurs system is about sharing the ball and moving the ball and defending but it seems players around the league are allergic to this type of winning ways? I bet anything if you ask Carmelo if you he would love to play for the spurs he would politely declined the offer next year as a free agent.

Again, the only trade we made was getting rid of poor Nando who by now is probably wishing to get back to a warmer and winning place, this is why manu, tony and tim never left or try to leave we don't need any trades we just need individuals with character. Go spurs GO!
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