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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
You have to look at the worth of a player in the team you have and Ayres brings the length on both ends of the court as well as actually playing D rather than swiping and hoping for a steal. So in our team Ayres>Blair, especially as Blair was turning toxic as he felt he should have been getting more time and touches..... hows that working for him in Dallas?
You're not gonna win me over with this argument....HE SUCKS!!!! His "D" is about as good as Bonner and is horrible at defensive rotations, he can finish open dunks half the time, he turns over the ball everytime he touches it. I'm just glad coach Pop (for the most part) finally took him out of the rotation. Baynes acutally came off the bench the last couple games before Aryes. The dude sucks Bro!

I'm pulling for him as much as any fan but he just has not worked out by any means.
I think he's going to be a star. And as time goes on, he'll be the face of the Spurs, I think.--- Coach Pop on Leonard
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