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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
They are going to have to beat OKC or POR. Portland handled us as usual and they beat them without Aldridge, so that doesn't count. And we've yet to beat the Thunder, and they just got better. Hell, they haven't even best Houston yet. But the Thunder as of right now is the team to beat right now. And we will struggle with all the athleticism on that team. We're good, but OKC will be extremely tough with home court advantage.
etc etc ... as multiple people who dont have blinders on know, these wins against cavs etc yawn.
we gotta show we can hang w/ the big boys.
i mean yes, we will make the playoffs. yes we have a shot. but same thing since our last championship... we dont have the x-factor or the juice to hang in crunch time. for whatever reason. and the games against big teams show it.
and no , winning once against a team w/ winning record isnt what im talking about. im talking about consistently competing against the big teams. we dont do it.

like i said. it depends on ur interpretation of overlooked. yea they are not talking about the spurs; and they sure as hell will see the spurs in the playoffs and being a factor. but we all see we cant win against the big teams as of now
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