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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
I'm pretty confident Duncan would have won MVP. I even think there would have been a debate as to who would have been second in line... Apparently we don't remember the finals the same way, but Parker definitely didn't carry us. Outside of a couple games, Parker was sort of bad. Seems like I remember him shooting horribly a lot of the series. It was an amazing team effort and the heat are Lucky to have escaped with a game 6 win. With that being said, who knows how good Parker would have been if he was 100 percent healthy.. But that seems to be the growing trend... Injuries..
TP was 20.5 pts per at 45% TD was 18 pts per at 47%, so stats shows them as pretty even.

TD will always anchor our D and we went to him often in the post but if we are going by memory I remember TP hitting that crazy shot at the end of Game 1 that put us in the position to just nearly make it. Then I also remember him taking over in 4th quarters and scoring whenever we were bogged down, especially when the 3 ball wasn't dropping.

You might argue either way between the two but to say there was someone else more important is way off the mark.

We have always relied on team effort but when that fell apart I remember TP scoring as needed not missing shots and costing the offence, over the last two years everyone including Pop and TD have said it is his team and it is structured around this.
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