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ATLANTA — The long-rumored divorce featuring Metta World Peace, Beno Udrih and the Knicks is close to being finalized, with the club agreeing to negotiate buyouts with the two seldom-used veterans after just 55 games.

Mike Woodson confirmed on Saturday that the Knicks were in the process of severing ties with Metta and Udrih, neither of whom accompanied the Knicks to Saturday night’s game in Atlanta. They are expected to be released on Sunday.

“I can’t say anything went wrong,” Woodson said. “Again, they weren’t in the rotations. I’m not going to linger on it. We’re buying them out. As a coach guys work for me. I wish them nothing but the best as they move on. And we’re going to move on. So that’s about the extent of it.”

World Peace took to Twitter early Saturday to thank Knick fans and break the news that he would no longer be playing for the team he grew up supporting. “My agent just informed me this release could happen any (hour) now,” he tweeted. “I just want to say ‘Thanks for everything’ ”

Metta’s brother, Daniel Artest, who has been outspoken in his criticism of the Knicks’ organization, then went on a Twitter rant that included calling James Dolan “the worst owner in sports” and labeling Woodson as “trash.”

Both Metta and Udrih signed free-agent contracts last summer but failed to find consistent minutes in Woodson’s rotation despite their championship pedigree. Metta appeared in just 29 games this season while Udrih finished his Knicks career by recording 12 straight DNPs.

Knicks negotiating buyouts with Metta World Peace and Beno Udrih* - NY Daily News
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