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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
I am a proud Ozzie and a big believer in what Pop and his system can do..... but come on can all the Goldfish here look past the good now and what you want to remember how Parker would have been Finals MVP if we had won?

He carried the team, Manu was non existent and Green went cold when they went at him.... TP was money all finals and when discussing what to do with him don't just talk about a PG, he is a star in the league that can carry a team.

The only name I have seen so far is Chandler who is a defensive role player not a star so no way....I don't want TP to go but even if you want to discuss it then talk like for like.
I'm pretty confident Duncan would have won MVP. I even think there would have been a debate as to who would have been second in line... Apparently we don't remember the finals the same way, but Parker definitely didn't carry us. Outside of a couple games, Parker was sort of bad. Seems like I remember him shooting horribly a lot of the series. It was an amazing team effort and the heat are Lucky to have escaped with a game 6 win. With that being said, who knows how good Parker would have been if he was 100 percent healthy.. But that seems to be the growing trend... Injuries..
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