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This entire thread makes me sad for Spurs fans. Mills is a good player, maybe even very good. TP is a 6 time all star who is still in his prime, if not physically, then mentally as a pg. Two games do not make a career, Parker has worked his a$$ off to become as consistent as he is. I still remember the George Hill euphoria, he's a good pg, great defender, but not Tony Parker. Mills is a decent pg, great shooter, but not the defender or player Parker is (Parker has become a much better defender over the years, he's way ahead of Patty defensively right now).

Plus, the entire offense is predicated on Parker's attack and kick-outs, the Spurs weren't ever going to overhaul that for a lateral move talent wise for size. For Durant, Lebron, or George? Sure. But that's how important TP has been to the Spurs the last 5 yrs.

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